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Dave O'Block sings, plays acoustic and electric guitars and keyboard for Last Fall.  One of these days he's going to switch instruments with Harry and play bass on a tune or two, as well.  When dinosaurs roamed the earth, he was a voice major in college and graduated with a music degree from Edinboro University (back when it was a State College).  Since he had already been playing in clubs, he continued doing live music in several groups and acoustic acts while in school.  After graduation, his main source of income for the next 10 years was playing music.  There was a great deal of diversity in the music he was involved in, which was probably due to a lack of proper medication and an eclectic taste in music.  Some of the more noteworthy contrasts (in no particular order) included playing "doghouse bass" in the bluegrass band The Awesome Possum Review, lead guitar in the rock band Nexus, electric bass in an all-original progressive rock band Transport (in the vein of Yes) and solo acoustic guitar work under the pseudonym "J.D. Steel".  Other groups included Night Owl, a pop rock band with a three piece horn section (we nailed the Huey Lewis stuff) and a "new country" band that was called either Abilene or Blue Ridge, which is kind of a long story.  He has toured from Quebec to Florida, and has opened for national acts that include Don Williams, The Guess Who and the Judds.  By the way, mamma Judd was really hot looking in person, just in case you wondered.  Over the years, he's logged quite a few hours of studio time as well, and has done both broadcast and mobile DJ stuff.  Dave joined the real world several years after meeting a beautiful woman named Sandy.   Marriage, family and a "real job" took 100% of his time for some time, as you might guess.  Glutton for punishment that he is, the itch to perform is getting scratched again.   Thanks to an understanding wife and a great bunch of guys, he gets to go out and play once in a while!


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