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Dave grew up in North Huntingdon, PA where he starting playing drums at the age of 4. He and his father used to go into their basement and jam on old Ventures tunes like "Wipe Out" and "Walk Don't Run". His father Jerry played rhythm guitar in a rock band in the 60's called "The Igniters". When Dave was just a toddler, the Igniters used to rehearse in the basement at his house. Being aware of young David's obvious fascination with drums (and generally hitting things to make noise) the drummer (Jim Luke) would set him on his lap once in a while during a song. This was all it took for young David. Thanks Jim!

One day while he and his father were jamming, the paperboy overheard them playing and came down around the back of the house to see what was up. It turns out that he himself was taking drum lessons. That day he spent about an hour with Dave and showed him the basic 4/4 rock beat and the proper beat to the song "Wipe Out". He also suggested to his parents that Dave start private drum lessons with his instructor. A few months later, when he started first grade (1970), he started taking private lessons from Myron Peterson. After about 4 years of weekly lessons, Myron suggested that he was ready to move on to his own mentor, Babe Fabrizi in Wilkinsburg. Dave started studying with Babe at his drum shop on Wood St. in 1974. He studied many different percussion instruments as well as many different styles of music, Jazz, Rock, Big Band, etc. He continued private study with Babe all the way through his junior year in High School.  Babe was an amazing teacher and had a major impact on Dave's appreciation and knowledge of many different styles of drumming.

Dave met Harry Carr during their first day of school in ninth grade. They were in the same homeroom because they were both members of the backup band for the school chorus. A month or so after meeting, they formed their first band "Earth" with another schoolmate and excellent young guitarist, Bob Dugan (most recently the lead guitarist and a vocalist for a great Pittsburgh band "Fonic"). Tony Perry, another ninth grade friend, rounded out the band with rhythm guitar duties.  Earth played lots of school assemblies, dances, arts festivals, etc. Dave's father Jerry was the bands mentor, manager and means of transportation.

Dave turned his love of the technical nature of electronic music equipment and the whole recording process into a home studio in his parent's basement in 1981. It was only a 4-track studio, but some really neat sounding work came out of that little place. He and Harry and some of their other band-mates would watch movies like "The Road Warrior" and then bury themselves in the studio for hours writing gothic concept rock tunes. His parents were so supportive that they actually let him glue hundreds of egg cartons all over the paneled walls to deaden the sound! (How's that for good parents!) No musician on the planet has had more supportive parents growing up!

A few years later, during his freshman year at Norwin High School, Dave's friend and Earth keyboardist Steve Drozdiak, bought him Rush's "Permanent Waves" album for his 16th birthday (4-18-80). Rush's drummer Neil Peart immediately became his idol. Dave & Harry's next band Exit, which by the way included a scrawny little 10th grader with braces on guitar named Rob Carrick, started covering a lot of Rush songs. For only being in 10th grade, Rob was an incredible young guitarist. Odd time signatures and challenging licks seemed to be of interest to everyone in the band.

After coming off the high of his senior year in high school where he was the drum captain of the Norwin Knight's Marching Band's drum line (you rock Blaze!) which happened to capture the National Championship in 1982, he was faced with a dilemma...try to get into Berklee College of Music in Boston for a music degree or go to Penn State for a Computer Science degree. Because his girlfriend Linda (who is now his totally HOT! wife of 25 years) was going to go to college in Pittsburgh and because he had already achieved a realistic view of the monetary side of the music business, Dave decided to head for the less glamorous and somewhat less risky computer career and stay in town.

Even though music wasn't his career, he always had an insatiable passion for it that had to be satisfied, There was always at least one band project going on at a time. He played with the "Den-Ways" from from 1979 to 1984 doing weddings all over the place. He played with "Elite" from 1984 to 1995. (Thanks Denny, Bobby & Bill...we had some great times!)  During those years, Bob Dugan, Rob Carrick and Harry Carr all played stints as Elite band members. At one short period in the early 90's, Dave was playing for 3 bands at the same time. Two of these bands were even in the Graffiti Rock Challenge in the same year (1990)! As fate would have it, Harry Carr was also in both of those bands. Dave and Harry have been playing together for 35 years now.  They've been involved in many projects together; bands such as Earth, Exit, Top Secret, Christopher Truth, The Chalkboys, Barbara Blue & the Bluesfires and Atomic TV. Their appreciation & enjoyment of each other's playing comes out in Last Fall's performances.

Dave met David O'Block (affectionately known as "OB") in 1995. Shortly after their meeting, OB asked him to provide the drums for a major outdoor performance in the spring of 1995. They immediately hit it off as friends and discovered that they not only had a love of music in common, but a love of music equipment. They'll both admit that they're frustrated sound men / studio engineers at heart (affectionately known as "Gear Heads"). Dave & OB worked together on two CD projects for their church and finally determined that they should combine their passion and their skills into a package. Harry Carr and Rob Carrick got the call and hence in the summer of 1998, Last Fall was born!

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