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Last Fall rocks!

Welcome to the web headquarters of Last Fall.

We've been rockin' the Pittsburgh area for the last 19 years. Even though we don't play as many shows as we used to, we have a great time getting out with our friends and fans and playing our hearts out. You'll find us at different clubs and bars around town as well as at some private parties and events every year. We can do shows both as a rocked-out electric band or a scaled-back acoustic act. Contact us about your party/event and make sure you join our email list and we'll keep you informed of anything in the works.

We initially specialized in modern rock although over the last few years we've continued to sneak rockers into our set from any time period as long as they groove hard.  Check out our play list.

Here's to hoping we get to see you again rockin' in and around the Burgh!
The members of Last Fall


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** Saturday, March 31, 2018 **

Oakmont Tavern
814 Allegheny River Boulevard, Oakmont, PA
(412) 828-4155
Time: 10:00pm - 1:30am
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** Noteworthy Ramblings **

multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 8/15/17

The rumors are true! Last Fall is now a Four Piece band again! It's been over a decade since we were a four piece but we decided it was time to bring our good friend and great keyboardist/vocalist, Ernie Dipko, officially into the band. Welcome aboard Ernie! It's going to be fun writing the next chapter in the Last Fall story together.

multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 12/4/16 We have been in "new song mode" lately and are adding a lot of new material to the show. Come out and see us soon and enjoy the new jams!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 8/10/15 We're really excited to play a brand new venue this Friday night (August 14th). Come check out Last Fall "Live & Unplugged" at The Wooden Nickel in North Huntingdon!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 10/20/14 Check out Last Fall "Live & Unplugged" at The Oakmont Tavern this Saturday night!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 8/13/13 Check out Last Fall "Live & Unplugged" at The Beer Market on Federal Street in downtown Pittsburgh this Friday night!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 4/3/13 Yes, it's true. After a long hiatus from our home turf, we finally have a gig practically in our own back yard! We're very excited to be playing a show at the Norwin Elks on April 27th! All our local friends and neighbors will have a very easy time getting to and home from this show. We hope you come and bring as many friends with you as possible. You don't have to be a member of the Elks to come. Along with a lot of your favorite songs, there'll be great food and a well stocked bar so don't miss it!!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 2/17/13 We are super excited about our show at the Oakmont Tavern this Saturday night, Feb 23rd. We've got a bunch of new tunes since the last time you've seen us and we're really pumped to rock our socks off. We hope you come out and have a great time with us!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 6/17/12 Reb Beach from Winger & Whitesnake hanging out with us at our show at the Oakmont Tavern on June 16, 2012We were totally stoked to hang out with Reb Beach, guitar virtuoso from Winger & Whitesnake, last night before and during our show at the Oakmont Tavern.  Reb was there with some friends earlier in the day and wasn't planning to stay long but after hearing our sound check decided to not only stick a around for a little while, but stay until 1/2 way through our second set!!  He even jammed on OB's guitars before the show.  Reb is an amazing guitarist and just a super nice guy!!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 6/8/12 We're so pumped for our show at the Oakmont Tavern on June 16th. One of the benefits of a band that doesn't play out every weekend is that when we do play a gig, it's a big deal to us and we really look forward to it and put everything we have into it. We hope to see a lot of our friends on the 16th. Happy Summer!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 1/29/12 Wow! What a great time we had last night at the Oakmont Tavern!! It's been a while since we weren't allowed to leave the stage until we played two encores! To those of you that came to the show, we hope you had a great time and we thank you so much for coming out. We're going to try to pack the place again when we come back on April 28th!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 10/14/11 It's been a while since we've posted an update here. We're excited to be adding some more new tines to the setlist. There have been quite a few additions made during 2011 so far and we're not stopping here. We've now got a Facebook page setup (you can visit it here) so please stop over and let us know what songs you'd like us to add to our playlist. The next show will be here before you know it and we hope to see you there!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 11/8/10 The crowd at the Oakmont Tavern Saturday night was off the hook! You guys are awesome and we really appreciate everyone coming out and partying all night with us. It's also nice to see that you enjoyed listening to, dancing to and singing along with all of the new tunes as much as we enjoyed playing them. Last Fall fans are THE BEST!!!
multicolorball.gif (1653 bytes) 4/20/10 We've just added a bunch of live recordings from our show at the Oakmont Tavern in December. Check them out here.

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