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Photos of Live Shows

EP - CD Recording Session Fall 1999


First Show - Video capture stills


Back in the Day

Former members of Last Fall



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Stills captured from a video of our first live show on January 8, 1999

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OB on "Counting Blue Cars"

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Harry belting out "Inside Out"

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Dave fronting on STP's "Plush"

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Rob laying down Bush




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Harry in Action


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Dave & OB running sound for a D6 show summer of 98'


Back in the Day

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Dave in Action in 1982


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(Front row L-R): Rob, Harry & Dave
31 years ago when we had more hair!
(This picture, taken in 1983, is affectionately known as "A rock group sitting on a rock group")


Former members of Last Fall

Rob Carrick (guitar), Brady Novotny (guitar), Jeff Marks (guitar)

Even though these guys aren't in the band anymore, they're certainly not forgotten!